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Whether you need a new hunting rifle or you are interested in selling your handgun, Titan Arms is your first choice for buying or selling firearms. Titan Arms is a full-service gun shop offering new and consignment guns, firearm repairs, and gun cerakoting services. Our experienced gunsmiths also manufacture assault rifles and offer all products and services at affordable prices.


                ·         AR accessories                               ·         Shotguns


                ·         Cerakoting                                      ·         Handguns


                ·         Wood Restoration                           ·         Ammo


                ·         Gun Smithing                                  ·         Parts


                ·         Professional Cleaning                   ·         Accessories


                ·         Rifles                                                   ·         Tactical Gear

With 10 years of experience handling, manufacturing, and repairing all types of firearms, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with unbeatable customer service. Concealed weapons classes are also available—please contact us for details on the dates and times of our upcoming classes.


We Buys, Sell, Trade, & Consign

Concealed Weapons Classes Available

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5711 South Florida Ave #4                                                  Monday - Closed

Lakeland, FL 33813                                                             Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 10 A.M. - 6P.M                                                            

(863) 701-4077                                                                     Thursday - 10A.M.-5P.M.

                                                                                           Saturday 10 A.M. - 2 P.M

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